In-depth Blockchain Expertise

Codelegit’s blockchain expertise is build upon its founders’ long-time work with Datarella, a renowned Big Data and Blockchain solutions provider, with clients such as Siemens AG, Daimler AG, United Nations, and others.

Excellent Cross-Border Understanding of Global Contractual Law

Based on many real-life blockchain projects, Codelegit has developed an ongoing co=operation with lawyers of a Top 10 global Law Firm.. Together with their expertise Codelegit offers legal-by-design code.

Big Four Auditing Standard

What Fortune 500 company would ever work with blockchain code that does not comply with applicable national law? Together with its auditing partner Deloitte, Codelegit provides completely audited blockchain code.


Many programmers think in bits and bytes and believe that code is law, but smart contracts running on the blockchain are neither smart nor contracts. In contrast, contracting parties have been doing contractual agreements for years. They don’t understand each other. Codelegit has found a good solution to close the gap between law and the blockchain by providing programmers and contractual partners with legal-by-design smart contracts. This should be the first approach of its kind and it really works.

Top 10 Law Firm lawyer